Marco and Michelle exit a shopping mall and enter a street by the flower market.

(dials radio 100)

Michelle: Hi we have our first camera.
Marco: Describe what you see on the screen.
Michelle: I think i will wait until i describe it on the radio
Marco: But the second time you describe this, it will be different.

(observes monitor)

Michelle: You know it is quite disorienting trying to figure out what that actually is. It looks quite new.
Marco: It looks cold, it looks quite icy, almost as cold as it is here.

(phone rings, it's Radio 100)
describes Space 1
describes Space 2

Marco: You know what i like about this? I found a space here on the street that is similar to the interior space that you were describing.

(points to a place on the street)

Marco: It's actually quite amazing.
Michelle: Walking through the streets like this, you realize that these spaces are everywhere.
Marco: It's so private. you're not invited and still you are in.
Michelle: It's more interesting finding private spaces than a clothing store, for example.

Michelle: I was once recording an elevator space in Berlin, and it was completely still, empty. Suddenly, after 5-6 minutes two women passed in front of the camera and then exited quickly through the side door.
Marco: I know of a French film where for 50 minutes there's nothing but a still shot of a farmer's field. There's nothing happening and suddenly two birds fly across.
Michelle: So you are lulled into a hypnotic state of readiness.
Michelle: In an essay by French philosopher Michel de Certeau he talks about the act of walking as the ultimate act of 'placenessness'. A 'place' implies stasis or stability, whereas 'space' is an intersection of mobile elements.
Marco: And you are one of the mobile elements.
(camera is located)
Michelle: Okay, let's see where we are.
Marco:Let's see what you got.
Michelle: We have to get a little closer. Here we go.
Marco: Oh, it's a bar. I guess it's the bar across here.
Michelle: The Cafe Los?
Marco: We should check if this is the Cafe Los. (goes to check) No, it is not the Cafe Los.
Michelle: That guy looks like my brother.

(call is made to Radio 100)

describes Space 3

Marco: Is this the cafe? It is not the cafe. That's frustruating.
Michelle: It's happened to me before where I see something and then I look straight ahead and see "restaurant", but it's not the restaurant.
(Marco shakes from the cold)
(a fourth camera is spotted and a call made to Radio 100)

describes Space 4

Michelle: Oh, he just entered as if on cue. It's so great!
Michelle: Look at that! The slaughter of Christmas trees. (points to a pile of abandoned trees) The trees are thinking "Well you loved me for two weeks, but then you throw me to the curb!"
Marco: Wow, the smoke is so beautiful.
Michelle: You can tell if it is cold if you see that.
Marco: Also the sound changes with the cold air.
Marco: Oh, this is a cool street. Here is something to surveil!
Michelle: Yes, definitely. Here we have something. We're ready to go.

(call Radio 100)
describes Space 5

(looks through shop window and watches a man working)

Marco: Wow, this looks weird. This looks like a showcase. You can actually walk in and see how these people are working.
Michelle: Looks like they are on display.
Marco: Woah it's cold!!!
Michelle: Here we go.

(observes monitor)

Marco: That's a restaurant. Shall we call?

(call Radio 100)
describes Space 6

Michelle: I think it might be in there. I think it's The Grill Room.
Marco: But it's a huge place. It must be this thing. Shall we walk in?

(marco laughs when he sees a video surveillance sign)

Marco: There, you can see for yourself then. Who's there?
Michelle: Well, I think that is you. [the restaurant] is not very popular.
Marco: It's not even open yet. Oh, it is open.
Michelle: Yes, but it just not very popular. They put up a video camera to watch an unpopular place.

(we continue walking, but are unable to find another camera before the hour is up)

An hour long walk through the Amsterdam streets with a 2.4 Ghz a/v receiver reveal a succession of hidden spaces surveilled by wireless cameras. The interior spaces and the surrounding street views are described at the moment they are discovered by phoning and breaking into a live radio broadcast.
Video documentation of walk [23.7 mb]
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