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Hey maybe we are going where we already were today?
How it is legally?
If you put it on broadband then you can pick it up from the air. You can pick it up by just, it's a video signal Yes but it's, I mean in a way. Well I don't know exactly [Laughs]
Of course it's private, but
Wow, that's cool.
Is it a doorway of an elevator?
How did she find out the first time that it could work?
The beginning of the project, how it came to be?
I don't know
I don't know
You'll have to ask her later
Do you have any idea of the radius of the transmitters?
This is 2.4 Ghz
I think it is not that wide
It's in one of those apartments there
And it's being transmitted via radio?
That is why she's picking it up?
I would like to see somebody's bedroom
That looks nice
Did you see that?
Is this philosophical or psychopathic?
The different places where she did this performance her appearances were different

For example one time to took a suitcase, and put the monitors inside by cutting a hole

and another time a shopping cart
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