I see a corridor

When do you see this?
When she moves the receiver

Our first discovery
How did you start doing this project?

Did you do a project that had parts of this in it and it evolved in what you are doing now?

It started out with a project in Toronto where I was working with wireless cameras. However, in this case, the roles were reversed. I was the transmitter and the bars, restaurants, banks, cafes, and stores were receiving.

Later on, I started do walks where I was on the receiving end, throughout cities in Europe, in Amsterdam and Berlin. I'm planning other walks in the near future in Brussels and Gent.
Do you have any questioning from the police or from the owners of the cameras?
Questions like what are you doing?
What are these people doing walking around with these monitors and receivers?

Occasionally some of the people that I have been walking with have wanted to find and talk with the shop owner.

Most of the owners find it quite amusing.

There was the shoe store owner that was describing how he had met his neighbour, the owner of a video store. His neighbour's camera interfered with his and was being displayed on the monitor in the shoe store.

And this causes problems?

No, it's a matter of acceptance.

There are some that don't really understand the technology that they are using and some that do, or understand the potential for interference, and what happens (like suddenly receiving the video signal of your neighbour)

You get to find out what they do and do not know.

Another example was with an electronicshop. As soon as they saw us walking by, they knew what we were doing. They started waving at us and came out onto the street to talk with us. It was friendly.
We had another festival in Utrecht last week where there was another installation called "Voyeur's Lounge"

We made a room with four screens in the same building were there were cinemas. We had these surveillance cameras and microphones installed in each cinema and people can zoom in and zoom out, look at the public and listen to them.

In the same building downstairs there was a room for the local people, kind of a bad neighbourhood in Utrecht. There was a wedding one night. I sat for two hours with this camera fascinated by the body language, all of these things happening, people getting drunk.

They had this band and it was quite amazing to look at.
[truck passes by]

Check out this man dancing.
[laughs] it's really nice
[picking up somebody's cable]
But there is a fascination with these normal things especially when they are framed.

You are looking more at scenes.

The people that are inhabiting these spaces.

Reality that is almost unreal.
yes, image
it's a rooftop somewhere.
yes, stronger, stronger stronger

[father and son are playing basketball on the crosswalk]
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