[group heading towards residential area]

[telephone rings]

[walking through green park, along the water]

This is sort of like ghost busters

[a couple walks with a child]
[walking by apartment buildings]

Do we want to try walking up and down the side streets?
Yes we should try to do that.

[heading by a car, walk by a brick wall with a heart painted on top]
[now walking along residential streets.

[bright red post box]

There's a wired camera

One of these buildings here, maybe this one used to be a Nazi Headquarters.
have you done this in the red light district?

here we have ships in the water,
100 one after another
and people sit in their car, and drive behind each other and look at the women

okay, this is a dead end here.
[we come to a dead end]

[group stops talking and is walking, at ease]

I got one
Oh look at that
I think i see a row of shoes
I think this is a shoe store.

There's a person.
Let's get closer

[bicycle path, row of cyclists go by]

[she walks into the store]

[two members of the group are in discussion with the store owner]

[store owner is laughing]

It's like the nexus to the universe
Now i'm looking at the back of my head
Take a picture
We're filming each other
I'm watching you, you're watching me
We're all being watching as we watch them watching us

We could use a new pair of shoes
[detect another one]

Oh this is a weird one
This is the overhead, and there is somebody standing below it
do you see somebody walking?

It looks like somebody is wearing a striped shirt.

It looks like an interior space

[we enter the cheese store]

[we explain what we are doing]

[workers there find it amusing]
It's interesting that we thought the front camera initially showed an exotic place, but it was just a cheese shop.

The other day we found this camera and it really reminded me of a turkish bazaar.

I could imagine piles of spices. The image was completely transporting me. But then we realized that it was just an electronics shops and the illusion was shattered.

It's funny that they have so many cameras for cheese

I guess it is good cheese

Most of those cameras are for the employees overlooking the cash machine.

So it's mostly shops that you've been finding?

So far, yes.

However it would be interesting to find a variety of spaces in Utrecht which is why we are now going into the residential area.

[walking residential area]
[trying to get a strong signal on a camera they have just found]

Maybe it's aliens

[sound of a saw]

It could be inside one of these houses.
What do you see?
[a post walk interview takes place on the street]

This sort of reminds me of that story with Freud and he's on a train and the door swings open.

So what happens to you when you are looking at the image while you are on the street then?Do you keep on looking around you, or just focusing on the screen?

You want to make sure that you don't want to get hit by a car, so you keep on looking up.

It becomes like a game, a hide-and-seek game that you are fixated on, where somebody could get hurt at any given moment.

You get caught up in the moment.

We had been going for about 20 minutes until we found that first shoe store.

The excitement of finding that first camera
was beyond words.

What was the response of the she store owner when you went in?

Well, he showed us the camera and then started talking about the interference he experienced with the camera from the Movie Max video rental store.

That's really interesting

So it was about him meeting his business neighbour, via the interference from the camera.

Did he meet him before?
I don't know.

It would be interesting if this was the first time they had met each other, and now they are fast friends.

The surveillance camera acting as a social glue.

Or it could become a territorial thing

"Listen, i am channel one"
"This is my lucky number, i'm not transmitting on any other channel"
"I don't need to change, he needs to change"

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