[looking at the first and only camera of the walk]

Is this legal to set up this camera?
To use these frequencies?

This frequency is one of the few frequencies within the radio spectrum
that is for unlicensed public use.

[conversation cut off by passing motorcycle]

...most of the frequency spectrum is under private control except for a small part of the spectrum.

Because these devices are inexpensive, a lot of people buy them.

[group nods agreeably]
You can look at similar things like wifi, or wireless internet networks, some unknowingly shared by anonymous others because they hadn't set a password or realized how easily these networks could be tapped into.

So, with the same kind of idea, you have all of these unencrypted wireless video signals, going through walls and spilling out onto the streets, blurring the boundaries between public and private space.

Is your focus mainly to observe what people themselves are watching?

Yes, on many levels.

In what types of spaces are being surveilled. How the contents of a space suggests its function.

Looking at what in the space is in fact being watched.

And also that you are pick these spaces up from the street, which makes you more aware of the invisible.

Does it also bring you to some conclusion?

Not yet.

Instead of thinking about a fixed outcome, the focus is more about an experience during which questions are asked.

The experience draws out some information.
And what you show through your style of art...

You leave it to the observer to ask themselves what they are seeing.
[commenting on lack of cameras being found]
I think that the observer is influencing the results of this experiment
Niels Bohr
Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

[she crosses the street to get an ice cream]

[he resumes his discussion of heisenbergs uncertainty principle]

It 's impossible to determine a certain object at a certain place at a certain time

Some things are more uncertain, but there is still a small chance that you might find that object there.
Well it fits in very perfectly with what we are doing right now
[two men enjoying glasses of rose]
[white shirt showing cleavage]
[woman clutching red bag]
[a man's face]
[an open air cafe]
[woman in pink speaks]
[she adjusts her red lipstick]

[he scratches his eyebrow, above his glasses]
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