[walkers by the train station]

[by the central station, loud construction noises playing, single man drinks beer by a huge collection of bicycles]

[spots a camera]

is it this one?

looks like an inside somewhere
looks like a series of lockers

we're getting another image
there's a room, looks like people

maybe it's over there.
[group crosses street,
a cluster of men go skipping by]

[finds a cafe with a video warning sign up]

[they continue walking]

what is the receiver usually used for?

the receiver?

it's used for home security devices.
camera kits for your own security

are these things illegal like they are in the us?

but you can also buy things like x10 cameras in the states

I get an average of one online ad a day from them, saying i really have to buy this ninja robotic camera, or...i have to get the super duper home security kit, with three cameras and five receivers with remote control

control your family!

control your dog!

and you can just put it on the street
[points to jumbo brother's video store]

there must be a camera

[registers interference]
[child crying in the background]

it looks like television
oh, it's in colour now.
it looks like a cooking show.
[continue walking down kanaalstraat, down turkish neighbourhood]
[walk past stalls piled with fruits and vegetables.]
[the group splits into two, fragments of conversations are heard]

...everybody forgot about privacy issues.
but since the murder of forteyn this is not an issue any more

...if the impakt festival would have asked the city for permission they would have immediately said no!
well, the surveillance...they would always say no.

...and all of a sudden there this guy sitting on the airplane trying to light his shoes.
and all the passengers are trying to say, hey look at this guy with the shoe.

...sharpened chopsticks.
...and so she started decorating the surveillance cameras with glitter and rhinestones until the police said, no, i don't want that, we don't want the public aware of them.

i live in new york, they're a little more irrational there.
being here ( in holland) makes me feel that the US is getting so much more insane
[new camera comes up]

don't you think it's this one?

[points to electronics shop]

no, it is this one
[she enters the store]
yes, it is the one
[owner waves]
look the owner is waving

[the owner comes out]
can i show the monitor to him?

[shop owners asking questions, we show them the monitors]
[they are laughing]
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