[They walk down an alley filled with flowers]
[a car honks]

I think there is something there, but I can't get past the wall
It's a little voyeuristic

Are we spectators or voyeurs?

[they cross a street]

[he looks at poster on Islam]

It says woman's emancipation

[a machine is sucking water out of a canal]

[a videophone door]

[a loud motorcycle crosses by]

[loud middle-eastern pop music]

[a table of people are drinking beer
are taking pictures of each other]

[sounds of laughter]
We are exploring in circles

Once we did a smell walk.
Somebody used a strong aftershave on parts of the city. The smell indicated where you would have to go.
[finds television]

I'm working for a company called multi-map which is like map quest, if you know what that is.
What do you see?
I see you.
And what are you seeing?
It looks like a waiting room
We have another one
Which one is this?

Now we are really space surfing here
[they continue walking]
[a car almost hits him]
This is the only part that remains of the old wall.

Strange tree
It is covered with caterpillers
So are you exploring spaces?

Yes, particularily technologically mediated environments and how they are embedded in the everyday
So you are looking for a framework that we don't see?

Right now we are receiving, but is there a possibility to send, can we also give something back to the environment?
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