there it is...
what is it a restaurant.
there, i see a restaurant
which one?

it's already starting to get quite stronger.
here, this is very strong.
Did you ever have problems with security?

Did they every come out at you and ask "what are you doing?"

N o, however...

Do you think it is legal for private owners to put up surveillance cameras to monitor the public without their consent?
Whose rights would I be infringing, the camera owner or the privacy of those who are already being monitored?

What do you think about that?

I think you're like the sister of the big brother.

I think you have every right to do it.

What do you do with the images?

The project over the next 5 days is to pull these images together to create a map.

if you start to place these images over the map of utrecht you start to create a collage of the city based on wireless surveillance.

There is also a political aspect to it...

Unavoidably so. It is also interesting to have the politics mixed in with the every day things that we are finding together.

I'm interested in what people think, how they are responding to this.
T hese are also images of their city.
H ow do we relate for example to what we see on the screen right now.

magnetic tourists.
sounds of utrecht.

we can just keep on scanning.

[another image appears on the monitor]

here's a new one.

[one of the walkers decides to confront the shop owner and starts walking towards the store]

I now see bas moving inside, he is on camera.

[walk into store filled with muzak]

shall i get somebody?

[we nod in agreement]
[he walks downstairs and calls her up]

[us] You know the camera that you can see on the screen?
[us] Well we can see your camera as well, from a distance.
[us] Not to shock you or anything, but just to make you aware that these cameras are wireless and that they are transmitting beyond the walls.
[shop owner] Can you manipulate the motion of the camera or can you just pick them up?
[us] No, we can just pick them up

a man just entered the space
let's watch from the bridge.

[the group almost gets hit by a bike]

[so] Yes, but there is such a thing as a mobile security camera?
[us] You are using this camera to watch the store, and from the outside we can also look through the eyes of your camera and watch what is going on.
[us] What we're doing is more like a piece of art.
[us] We're doing something around the central museum right now, and this is what we are doing.
[so] Seeing if there are any cameras you can pick up?
[us] It's not with the intention of malice, but also with a note that if you are aware that your camera can be picked up and you are not comfortable with this, then you could switch over to a cabled camera.
[so] Okay, but right now they can only see what is upstairs, they can't see downstairs,
[us] No, just this camera
[us] It's the same thing as what you must have downstairs, you have a receiver that connected to a television.

[us] I was just curious, we were standing outside and I was looking at the camera.
I was wondering if you were looking at me.
[so] Yes, absolutely i was watching you.
I mean you have no idea that somebody is aware of the camera, and then suddenly somebody's waving.
[so] I have the camera up so that I can see who is coming in, and see if they come downstairs.
It's my way of filtering, measuring the success of what i'm putting upstairs.
[so] okay, thank you, goodbye!!

She was nice.

A bit shocked though or was she part of our conspiracy?

It's a very simple process, but at the same time very abstract.
You saw the disorientation of the woman.
She didn't really comprehend that radio knows no borders. It just flies through the air.
oh, we have another one

There were two different ones.
We have two images transmitting at the same time.

oh it's a beautiful image,

And now suddenly it's become a shop

[cell phone rings]
[she starts talking on the phone]

[they look an image of a door]

Is it here?
Yes, it is here
In the Irish Shop I could see myself in the monitor, and she was checking me out at the same time.
It starts to get disorienting.
Looking at different ways of inhabiting that space.
Like when we were looking at the restaurant and we were trying to figure out what was happening in it. We're describing the contents of it...a woman is entering, there is a counter top.
You are mentally moving through the space which is a type of inhabitation.

At the same time we are standing here and we can physically affect the space.

For example, i could stand in front of a bicycle and the cyclist is going to be very mad and start shouting at me.
So we are then physically present and being able to affect, the space around us.

But now we have been able to experience both of these things at the same time.

So for me it is very disorienting, but very fascinating.
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