HWLA (Hot Wired Live Art) is a live worklab project used to devise networked environments through the process of collective experimentation and play. The HWLA network is an international and interdisciplinary group of artists, technologists and researchers with a combined range of skills and technical expertise in electronics, streaming media, sensors, physical (social) space design, wireless technology, live video and audio processing, software programming, telepresence, dance, theatre, film and video art.
By setting up the HWLA creative worklab and through the process of collective play, we research the social and artistic applications of these technologies while generating a discourse around these issues. The first Hot Wired Live Art , initiated by Amanda Steggell and Per Platou, took place in Bergen Norway in January, 2000.

In september 2001, HWLA 2 - AIRWAVES, initiated by Michelle Teran, took most of the HWLA participants to Banff, Canada. Completely surrounded by mountains, we re-tuned in for a new collaborative experience:


Here you can find ink's documentation from Hot Wired Live Art in Bergen:


videostreams (requires Realplayer)

For more: go to www.bek.no/hotwired/