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Microhistories Anthology



Microhistories studies the form of the video essay, which can be said to treat its subject matter in a critical and investigative way while at the same time reflecting its processes and its considerations. It shares this preoccupation with the small, marginalized stories with an approach within the field of history, so-called microhistory. Here one studies habits and routines rather than deliberate actions, underlying mentalities rather than explicit views. In microhistory the exception is more interesting than the rule, including the everyday, the overlooked details – all this that can prove to be as important as the “grand” recognized history. This publication brings together the results of a three year artistic research project which brought together prominent practices and theoreticians within three fields – art, artistic research and microhistory – in order to build shared knowledge.

Editors: Magnus Bärtås, Andrej Slávik
Published by:Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm
Contributors: Axel Andersson, Magnus Bärtås, Carlo Ginzburg, Mika Hannula, Behzad Khosravi Noori, Oscar Mangione, Suzana Milevska, Lina Selander, Lena Séraphin, Andrej Slávik, Lars-Henrik Ståhl, Michelle Teran

304 pages, softcover, color
Konstfack Collection, 2016



in situ residency
installation and colloquium
La Chambre Blanche, Québec City
September 1st – 20th December, 2015
Opening event: 12th December, 2015

Conversations and exchanges on the right-to-housing and the fight against austerity.

With the participation of BAIL, Comité populaire de Saint-Jean-Baptiste, FRAPRU, Mères et Monde and Pech Sherpa.





Winnipeg Cinematheque / 1st Floor – 100 Arthur Street

November 15, 2015

Catastrophe, Cataclysm and the Singular Accident is a one-day symposium open to the public during which artists, scholars, researchers and members of the community will engage in a discussion of the theoretical, aesthetic and political ramifications of tsunamis and technological disasters, epidemics and tectonic shifts, evictions and colonialisms, cataclysmic trajectories and avoidable/unavoidable outcomes. More…

The Age of Catastrophe


Andrew John Milne – "Forgotten Futures" 2015 | Photographic emulsion on canvas, laser cut birch and beam-splitting mirrors Insurance values:

Video Pool Media Arts Centre & Actual Contemporary present

The Age of Catastrophe

13 November – 12 December 2015

at Actual Contemporary/ 300 Ross Avenue

link to exhibition website

One must enter the catastrophe to reap its benefits without suffering its drawbacks. You cannot prohibit the catastrophe, you must surf it. – Paul Virilio More…

Discussion and screening about the film “Mortgaged Lives” of Michelle Teran



Location: La Chambre Blanche, Québec
Date: Sunday October 25, 2015
Time: 2:00 pm

Website link

LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE is pleased to invite you for a talk by Canadian-Mexican artist Michelle Teran, who is currently artist-in-residence. During her presentation, she will discuss her research and current involvement in organisations advocating the right to housing, which address issues of economic crisis and of governmental austerity measures. Currently, she is developing a series of works that examine crisis subjectivities within the scope of recent (post-2011) political movements. Her work has turned to the Spanish eviction crisis; focusing her research on the right-to-housing movement operating throughout the country, in which she is producing films, texts and performances that document the everyday realities of contemporary crisis on individual lives. This presentation will be followed by a screening / discussion of her film, “Mortgaged Lives”.


Transmedia y Memoria: Cruces entre Espacios y Medios


what: 10 day workshop on transmedia storytelling by Canadian artist Michelle Teran
August 11-21, 2015
location: Vivelab, Bogotá, Colombia
partners: La Cinemateca Distrital-Gerencia Audiovisuales del IDARTES, la Alta Consejeria de las TIC, el Centro de Memoria Paz y Reconciliación y Vivelab

link to the project website


D+T Masterclass at Parsons Paris


Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 5.44.03 PM


What: D+T Masterclass
What: a methodology of tracking
When: Monday 27th of April, 12-3pm
Where: Parsons Paris room 500
Who: Michelle Teran

link to project page

This seminar will focus on the processual approaches to looking and watching, but not in a representational sense: looking at how watching becomes a methodology of tracking. Watching as a tracking which involves online tracking, but can lead to a spatial one as well– an “inside the skin” in a narrative sense. How does one conceptualize this? How does one “do” watching? In this seminar I will discuss methods of tracking information and the study of datasets. How do we, as artists, sort through data, follow its traces, create narratives from it, and even include other people within the making of an artwork.The seminar will begin with a lecture performance, and will be followed by a presentation and discussion of artistic works that use narrativization and tracking.

SYNSMASKINEN: 7 fields of contemporary crisis


“SYNSMASKINEN: 7 fields of contemporary crisis” is a forthcoming Artistic Research project at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. It is a project in collaboration with partner art-institutions in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ukraine and Germany.

SYNSMASKINEN is an artist-conglomerate and an inquiry into contemporary political crises. The project consists of a series of art projects, each exploring a certain aspect or manifestation of contemporary crisis. Together these visions are attempts to unfold a contemporary cosmology; a new political horizon.

Link to project website


Guest lecture and workshop: Michelle Teran “To track, to guide, to stalk”


dates: 02.03.2015 – 12:00 to 06.03.2015 – 19:00
location: Trondheim Academy of Fine Art

link to project page

This workshop proposes to critically examine tracking, guiding and stalking as artistic methods, by looking at approaches within data mining and microhistory. More…

Rupture Sessions


public reading, 2014-

Download English version
Download French version


Rupture Sessions is a staging of a public reading of a conversation between a psychologist and four women living in Madrid about their personal experiences with eviction. The conversation took place as part of a research of the psychosocial impacts of eviction carried out by PAH Madrid. The PAH is a right-to-housing movement operating throughout Spain, established in 2009 to fill a gap insufficient measures within the government for dealing with the massive housing crisis and wave of evictions brought on by the global financial crisis.

Translated from the original recordings in Spanish into other languages (to date English and French), the transcript is a testimony to the everyday realities of contemporary crisis, bringing personal experiences into universal issues around social rupture and the disintegration of the home. The public reading of the text is a discussion and analysis of the conversation through aesthetic reflection. The circulation and introduction of the translated text into other configurations and conversations give impetus for reflection on issues, around contemporary crisis and its impacts on the home, a cross-pollination of ideas which takes place within a dialogical situation.