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SYNSMASKINEN: 7 fields of contemporary crisis


“SYNSMASKINEN: 7 fields of contemporary crisis” is a forthcoming Artistic Research project at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. It is a project in collaboration with partner art-institutions in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ukraine and Germany.

SYNSMASKINEN is an artist-conglomerate and an inquiry into contemporary political crises. The project consists of a series of art projects, each exploring a certain aspect or manifestation of contemporary crisis. Together these visions are attempts to unfold a contemporary cosmology; a new political horizon.

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Guest lecture and workshop: Michelle Teran “To track, to guide, to stalk”


dates: 02.03.2015 – 12:00 to 06.03.2015 – 19:00
location: Trondheim Academy of Fine Art

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This workshop proposes to critically examine tracking, guiding and stalking as artistic methods, by looking at approaches within data mining and microhistory. More…

Rupture Sessions


public reading, 2014-

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Download French version


Rupture Sessions is a staging of a public reading of a conversation between a psychologist and four women living in Madrid about their personal experiences with eviction. The conversation took place as part of a research of the psychosocial impacts of eviction carried out by PAH Madrid. The PAH is a right-to-housing movement operating throughout Spain, established in 2009 to fill a gap insufficient measures within the government for dealing with the massive housing crisis and wave of evictions brought on by the global financial crisis.

Translated from the original recordings in Spanish into other languages (to date English and French), the transcript is a testimony to the everyday realities of contemporary crisis, bringing personal experiences into universal issues around social rupture and the disintegration of the home. The public reading of the text is a discussion and analysis of the conversation through aesthetic reflection. The circulation and introduction of the translated text into other configurations and conversations give impetus for reflection on issues, around contemporary crisis and its impacts on the home, a cross-pollination of ideas which takes place within a dialogical situation.

Folgen Archive- limited edition artist book



Folgen Archive is a limited edition artist book that documents a series of journeys in which Michelle Teran used the traces video makers had left in the public sphere of the internet to follow people throughout the city of Berlin. More…

Critical Theories and Critical Practices in Research


Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 4.38.28 PM
The conception and the structure of this publication is highlighting a possible understanding of artistic research from the perspective of using key concepts and the intervention methods of critical theory (in the way it is understood in the history and theory of contemporary art, instead of the way it is understood in philosophy) as well as from the perspective of the product of artistic research, as a work of art produced by former or current PhD candidates involved in artistic research doctoral programmes.

Contributors: Catalin Gheorghe, Henk Slager, Andrea Phillips, Mick Wilson, Michael Baers, Michelle Teran, Flis Holland, Rachel Mader, Jesper Alvær

pdf download here More…

Mortgaged Lives – English translation



Written by two of the founders of the PAH, Mortgaged Lives explains the causes of and points towards those responsible for the Spanish mortgage crisis and the broader situation. Ada Colau and Adrià Alemany analyze the role of the public administration, reveal the fights carried out by the PAH through first-person accounts and offer advice and useful resources for defending the right to housing and avoiding abuses of power by banks and financial institutions.

Mortgaged Lives
Vidas Hipotecadas

By Ada Colau and Adrià Alemany
Prologues by Gerard Pisarello and José Coy

Translation by Michelle Teran, published by the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest with help by Traficantes de Sueños. More…

Folgen at Agera Digitalt


The lecture performance Folgen is the opening Keynote for the Acting Digital Conference in Gothenburg.

Date: October 16th and 17th, 2014
Place: Roy Cinema and Museum of World Cultures

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Mortgaged Lives


film, 42 min, 2014

Related Project: Mortgaged Lives book translation


“Mortgaged Lives” examines the experience of rupture, through the loss of a home, within the Spanish eviction crisis. “Mortgaged Lives” analyses the psychosocial experience of eviction from three perspectives: psychological analysis, personal testimony and an actual event.

In July 2013 in Madrid, a small group of women travel on a metro towards a home on the other side of the city where they try to prevent the eviction of a young family. They are activists in the PAH, a right to housing movement in Spain, as well as being personally affected by the current eviction crisis happening throughout the country. More…

Microhistories at Tensta Konsthall


Microhistories. Magnus Bärtås invites Lena Séraphin, Suzana Milevska and Michelle Teran.

Date: 10.09.2014
Location: Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm

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Micro Stories is an artistic field of research that studies marginalized phenomenona and stories rather than established narratives—the exception rather than the rule. A preoccupation with the details, or at the overlooked histories, can often prove to be as significant as the “big” and accepted story. More…

B_Talk #2





// B_Talk is a series of 4 public panel talks about current urban issues hosted by B_Tour Festival //

Join us at B_Talk #2 where we will discuss how urban narratives are created, can be challenged and in what way they influence society.

Date: Wednesday, 16th of July, 19.00
Location: Prachtwerk, Berlin