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Keynote: To Learn in Common (Which is Politics) 

Keynote: Michelle Teran, To Learn in Common (Which is Politics) 
Kunstinstituut Melly  
Friday 25 September 2021 
7-9 pm  

To Learn in Common (Which is Politics)
Emergent research on transformative pedagogy. 

This lecture and launch of the publication Situationer Workbook/Cookbook connect to emergent research around transformative pedagogy. It comes from the impetus to go back to the drawing board, in order to imagine other possible perspectives on learning and education. The research situates itself around a banner on a fire escape, a water basin, an urban garden, gymnasium, climate justice camp, a community space, and a mending shop, among others. 

The keynote will be followed by a Q&A moderated by sociologist Teana Boston-Mammah.

 The publication Situationer Workbook/Cookbook co-published by Research Centre WdKA together with Publication Studio Rotterdam who is joined in a timed and global circulation of the book via Publication Studios, in Guelph, Hudson, New York, Vancouver and Sao Paulo.