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Slow Reading Group

The SLOW READERS are an informal research group.

Against the pace of infinite urgencies surrounding AI and gender inequality, the SLOW READERS have embraced deceleration to look at gender inequality & AI. Their research is emergent, transdisciplinary, and at times, rubbing against the grain of linear logic. Rather than streamlining for clarity, SLOW READERS engage in a range of reading methodologies to persistently move through and engage with the quagmire.


Agathe Balayn
Sonia de Jager
Cristina Cochior
Sieta van Horck
Linda Lee
Danae Tapia
Noemi Biro
Anna Laura
Michelle Teran
Renée Turner

Slow Reading Group is a research trajectory of Renée Turner who, as V2_Fellow, is concerned with AI & gender inequality. She has established an inter- and transdisciplinary Reading Group to do slow thinking with Lector Michelle Teran, members of the Erasmus University Transdisciplinary Group which is a part of the Rotterdam Arts and Sciences Lab, PZI alumni, students and persons of other digital/arts orgs based in Rotterdam.

The Slow Reading Group is part of AI4FUTURE, an international network of urban labs where artists and young activists cooperate to create awareness through the use of Artificial Intelligence to serve the community. It consists of a team of skilled organizations working on cross-fertilization projects at the intersection of digital culture and social challenges such as project leader Sineglossa, an Italian cultural ecosystem that shapes new sustainable development models in response to global challenges by applying the processes of contemporary art; Espronceda/Lemongrass, a Barcelona-based institute of art and culture; V2_Lab for the Unstable Media; MEET Digital Culture Center, the international center for digital culture and creative technology based in Milan and associated partner Sardegna Teatro, a Sardinian leading performing arts organization.

Financial support from the Creative Europe Programma of the EUCreative Industries Fund NL and the City of Rotterdam.