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Discussion and screening about the film “Mortgaged Lives” of Michelle Teran


Location: La Chambre Blanche, Qu├ębec
Date: Sunday October 25, 2015
Time: 2:00 pm

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LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE is pleased to invite you for a talk by Canadian-Mexican artist Michelle Teran, who is currently artist-in-residence. During her presentation, she will discuss her research and current involvement in organisations advocating the right to housing, which address issues of economic crisis and of governmental austerity measures. Currently, she is developing a series of works that examine crisis subjectivities within the scope of recent (post-2011) political movements. Her work has turned to the Spanish eviction crisis; focusing her research on the right-to-housing movement operating throughout the country, in which she is producing films, texts and performances that document the everyday realities of contemporary crisis on individual lives. This presentation will be followed by a screening / discussion of her film, “Mortgaged Lives”.