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Folgen at Agera Digitalt

The lecture performance Folgen is the opening Keynote for the Acting Digital Conference in Gothenburg.

Date: October 16th and 17th, 2014
Place: Roy Cinema and Museum of World Cultures

Link to conference website

This national conference is free and is organized by the Region Västra Götaland Culture Secretariat, with support from the Arts Council. The program is filled with workshops and internationally renowned lecturers Michelle Teran, Alyssa Grossman and Monika Fleischmann. Three pervasive themes characterize the conference:


Michelle Teran, artist and researcher at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Examines the relationship between online video archive and city. Turning the concept as a guide, person, map and methodology.

Alyssa Grossman,
a social anthropologist at the University of Gothenburg, highlights various memory experiences of objects and collections.

Magnus Bärtås Artist, author and professor at the College in Stockholm. Tells of the Virgin Mary in Tensta, and leads a conversation with Michelle Teran and Alyssa Grossman on the topic of micro-history.