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Folgen Archive- limited edition artist book


Folgen Archive is a limited edition artist book that documents a series of journeys in which the artist Michelle Teran uses the traces video makers had left in the public sphere of the internet to follow people throughout the city of Berlin.

September, 2014, English
18 x 25 cm, 264 pages, color
hardcover with dust jacket

In the project Folgen, Michelle Teran monitors the video collections put on YouTube by seven people living in Berlin; using this information to take her to actual physical addresses within the city where these videos are produced. The videos are self-representative acts, performances and depictions of the everyday, which together formed a relation with the city spaces where they transpired. The geographic locations encoded in the videos become waypoints for traversing an unofficial, unintentional map of Berlin. Through this process, the city became a place to be inhabited and experienced through an other’s narrative – stepping into somebody else’s shoes.

Combining literary accounts, photographs, video stills, illustrations, digital maps and databases, the book addresses issues of life in the virtual world mediated through images, which become re-materialized within the spaces of the personal and the urban where the images originated.

The german word “Folgen” has several meanings. As a verb it means “to follow”, while as a noun it refers to episodes, consequences, implications or effects. The project and resulting book draws on several meanings of the word. The act of following someone or something builds up a collection of stories, pieced together in different orders and variations. Concurrently, both the disclosure and the act of following personal information towards its source has unanticipated effects and consequences.


Design by Fré Sonneveld at chasin’ pigeons design