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Rupture Sessions

public reading, 2014-

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Rupture Sessions is a staging of a public reading of a conversation between a psychologist and four women living in Madrid about their personal experiences with eviction. The conversation took place as part of a research of the psychosocial impacts of eviction carried out by PAH Madrid. The PAH is a right-to-housing movement operating throughout Spain, established in 2009 to fill a gap insufficient measures within the government for dealing with the massive housing crisis and wave of evictions brought on by the global financial crisis.

Translated from the original recordings in Spanish into other languages (to date English and French), the transcript is a testimony to the everyday realities of contemporary crisis, bringing personal experiences into universal issues around social rupture and the disintegration of the home. The public reading of the text is a discussion and analysis of the conversation through aesthetic reflection. The circulation and introduction of the translated text into other configurations and conversations give impetus for reflection on issues, around contemporary crisis and its impacts on the home, a cross-pollination of ideas which takes place within a dialogical situation.

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Public event,
Gallery La Chambre Blanche
Québec City, 2015

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