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Microhistories at Tensta Konsthall

Microhistories. Magnus Bärtås invites Lena Séraphin, Suzana Milevska and Michelle Teran.

Date: 10.09.2014
Location: Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm

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Micro Stories is an artistic field of research that studies marginalized phenomenona and stories rather than established narratives, the exception rather than the rule. A preoccupation with the details, or at the overlooked histories, can often prove to be as significant as the “big” and accepted story.

Magnus Bärtås’ film The Miracle in Tensta (Theoria) has developed under the research project Microhistories. This project brings together theorists and artists to see how a common field may arise between a science of history and artistic practice, primarily in film.

During the evening, Magnus Bärtås has invited Suzana Milevska (Skopje), Michelle Teran (Berlin/Bergen) and Lena Séraphin (Helsinki) to give readings and short lectures around the concept of Microhistory.

Michelle Teran:
Rupture Sessions

Rupture Sessions is a staged reading from the transcripts of a series of group discussions that took place between a psychologist and four women living in Madrid who experienced eviction. The translation and displacement of these transcripts bring personal experiences into more universal issues around social rupture and the disintegration of the home. Reflecting on their personal lives, the women connect their individual experiences of eviction to those of others, which happens daily throughout the city. They become guides and urban storytellers, bringing their stories to the foreground to gain a larger understanding of the crisis. A 30-minute section of Rupture Sessions will be performed by five audience members at Tensta Konsthall.

Michelle Teran is an artist from Canada whose practice explores media, performance, and the urban environment. Her work critically engages media, connectivity, and perception in the city. Her performances and installations repurpose the language of surveillance, cartography, and social networks to construct unique scenarios that call conventional power and social relations into question. Currently she is a research fellow within the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Program at the Bergen Academy of Arts and Design.

Lena Séraphin:
The Far-Seeing Oodd Bird
a reading of letters

The Far-Seeing Odd Bird is a collaboration between the photographer Andrea Meinin and the artist Lena Séraphin. In written correspondence stretching over a decade they have discussed intimacy, confined spaces, and realities confirmed only by restrictions. Blaue Frau will perform a reading based on an excerpt from letters written by Andrea between 2001 and 2013.

Blaue Frau is a feminist theater group that consists of actresses Sonja Ahlfors and Joanna Wingren. The group questions gender roles and power structures in society as well as in the theater.

ird is a collaboration between the photographer Andrea Meinin and the artist Lena Séraphin is an artist and a doctoral candidate at the Aalto University in Helsinki. Her research is titled People who see themselves, laborations in parafiction and other fictionalities.

Suzana Milevska:

A theoretical reflection on miracles and the impossibility of representation of the sublime in negative (apophatic) and positive (kataphatic) Eastern theology.

Suzana Milevska is a theorist and curator of visual art and culture based in Skopje. She holds a PhD in visual culture from Goldsmiths College-London. Her research and curatorial interests include postcolonial critique in arts, visual culture, feminism, and gender theory. In 2012 she won the Igor Zabel Award for Culture and Theory and the ALICE Award for political curating. Currently Suzana Milevska holds a professorship for Central and South Eastern European Art Histories at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.