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Tracing Mobility exhibition at Haus der Kulturen der Welt

24.11.2011 – 12.12.2011

Opening: 23.11.2011
Wed – Mon 11 – 19 h | Symposion 26.11. 11 – 17 h

Tracing Mobility sets out to examine how electronic networks and mobile media are transforming our conceptions of time, space and distance.

The exhibition presents the positions of 16 international artists who trace the shifting terrain of global and local mobility, virtual and material movement. They use varying approaches to pursue the numerous questions of our present’s mobility: Where can we escape to when online- and offline worlds converge? What does the movement of a body in a landscape indicate when every point of the earth is within reach through the aid of digital technology? How do mobile devices and media alter our mindset and change our perception of time and space?

By means of installations, videos, performances and paintings, but also in the guise of iPhone Apps, maps and open-source collaborations, we see artists developing strategies in order to position themselves within this dynamic topography and to find possible points of exit.

A Symposium and the Tracing Mobility Open Platform will offer further explorations of these themes via lectures, talks and workshops.

Exhibiting Artists: Frank Abbott (UK), Aram Bartholl (DE), Neal Beggs (UK/FR), Heath Bunting (UK), Janet Cardiff / George Bures Miller (CAN), Miles Chalcraft (UK/DE, Simon Faithfull (UK/DE), Yolande Harris (UK/NL), Folke Köbberling & Martin Kaltwasser (DE), Landon Mackenzie (CAN), Open_Sailing (FR/JP), plan b (Sophia New & Dan Belasco Rogers) (UK/DE), Esther Polak & Ivar van Bekkum (NL), Gordan Savicic (AT/NL) , Mark Selby (UK), Michelle Teran (CAN/DE)