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Placeholders seminar

Date: 22-23.09.2011
Location: Bergen Academy of Art and Design

A two day seminar examining ways in which a sense of place may be communicated, constituted, constructed or reframed through a variety of media and practices including photography, video, sound, performance, site-specific work and text. The seminar forms part of an ongoing research project by Professor Jeremy Welsh whose artistic practice over a long period has addressed an investigation of place and time through a combination of image, sound and text.

The seminar runs from Thursday 22nd to Friday 23rd September, and also includes a book launch by Professor Brandon LaBelle at Hordaland Kunstsenter on the evening of Thursday 22nd.

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Synne Bull, one half of Bull.Miletic – artist duo together with Dragan Miletic (Oslo) whose video works have explored a broad range of sites and places. An ongoing project, Heaven Can Wait, consists of video recordings made at many of the world’s rotating restaurants.

Brandon LaBelle, Professor of new media and sound art at KHIB. LaBelle’s works include installations, performances and projects in public spaces, often combining sound, sculpture and text. LaBelle is also author of several books including Background Noise; Perspectives on Sound Art.

Justin Bennett, audio artist (Den Haag) Bennett’s work includes installations, drawings, cd’s and other audio works, commissioned sound for dance and theatre, and public interventions. His most recent work was made for the public art project “Invisible Architectures” in Newcastle on Tyne.

Michelle Teran is an artistic research fellow at KHIB. Her current work revolves around geo-tagged performative video pieces uploaded to the web and linked to maps & Google Earth. Through these she builds up narrative journeys that allow new ways of exploring or experiencing a number of cities.

Patrik Entian is a final-year research fellow in painting at KHIB. His project “Looking for Painting” deals with landscape by exploiting contemporary network technology. The main source and focus for his recent work is the feed from a webcam in Antarctica.

Richard Launder is an Associate Professor in ceramics and sculpture at KHIB. His works often take on a performative character and are frequently staged in public spaces, working through strategies that have their roots in Situationist practices.

Johan Sandborg is a photographic artist, associate professor and vice-rektor at KHIB. He will discuss his recent project “Bridge to Bridge”, a photographic record of the changing environment of Bergen’s former docklands.

Peter McCaughy, a Glasgow-based artist & lecturer at Glasgow School of Art, working with sire-specific and socially engaged urban projects.