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FM Buzz Sessions

short videos distributed through public wireless hotspots
best heard with headphones

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FM Buzz Sessions – Laika

In ‘FM Buzz Sessions’, audio and video from (private) wireless CCTV streams merge forming topologies of existing technological networks within urban neighborhoods.

Found using a video receiver while walking the streets, the audio/visual works are compositions of wireless surveillance feeds, found in different Montreal neighborhoods and within the vicinity of public wireless hotspots located within various bars, cafes and restaurants. The fragmented artwork is distributed across a selection of wireless hotspots, encouraging the user to drift from hotspot to hotspot to experience the totality of the work. Each fragment is unique to its hotspot, developing a relation between wireless art and its physical space-one must travel to a certain hotspot to experience a particular fragment. 

The surveilled spaces are visually empty yet alive with sounds that capture the inherent static energy of places and continual buzz of airwaves around them. Modulations and interference within the video footage reveal a complex electronic landscape of unstable transmission flows and electrical devices, intermingled with fragments of human presence such as shadows, voices, sounds of everyday actions and traffic.

Commissioned by the Locative Media Lab and the Mobile Digital Commons Network with funding from the New Media Research Networks Fund at the Department of Canadian Heritage.