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Installation and Performance

Related projects: Folgen Archive publication and lecture performance

The project ‘Folgen’ looks at the publication of personal archives and the tension between the public and private experience. This is explored by the personal experience of what it is like to follow somebody, first by monitoring the videos people put online, then following this information to actual physical addresses within the city where these videos were produced. Staged as a performance and installation, Folgen draws on the existing narratives of amateur video makers found on YouTube to build a multi-layered media landscape of Berlin.

A subjective approach combines fragments of images and sound from the videos with the artist’s own narration, using the traces video makers have left in the public sphere of the internet to follow people throughout the city. The videos are self-representative acts, performances and depictions of the everyday, which together form a relation with the city spaces where they transpire. The geographic locations encoded in the videos become waypoints for traversing an unofficial, unintentional map of Berlin. Through this process, the city becomes a place to be inhabited and experienced through an other’s narrative – stepping into somebody else’s shoes.

research image for table design and layout of video locations
Folgen at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

A large table, roughly shaped like the city of Berlin is covered with drawings, texts and documentation from videos. The table, functioning both as a storytelling and performance environment, addresses issues of life in the virtual world mediated through images, which become re-materialized within the spaces of the personal and the urban where the images originated. It emerges as a temporary tactile media archive and becomes a physical environment for the re-playing of personal histories. The many protagonists involved in the making of the work create the stories told during the performance.

table details
Lecture Performance still

The german word Folgen has several meanings. As a verb it means “to follow”, while as a noun is refers to episodes, consequences, implications or effects. The project draws on several meanings of the word. The act of following someone or something builds up a collection of stories, pieced together in different orders and variations. Concurrently, both the disclosure and the act of following personal information towards its source has unanticipated effects and consequences.

‘Folgen’ was produced with support by: Trampoline for Tracing Mobility, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme and the Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

Interface design: Fré Sonneveld

Data mining software development: Brendan Howell

Table construction: Folke Köbberling

Production assistant: Jack Gross

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