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Ilica 1

Performance lecture and city tour

Ilica 1 is a street address in the centre of Zagreb and the address of the first business skyscraper in Croatia, built in the 50s, which is now rendered obsolete.

The project Ilica 1 is a docu-fictive narrative about urban housing in Zagreb, centred around how past, present and future public and private spaces are depicted via professional and amateur video found on YouTube. The videos include geo-locational information which links each video to the street address which it refers to. By combining both official and unofficial viewpoints, a story emerges from an uncoordinated and diverse collection of approaches and opinions around how urban spaces are depicted, designed, contested over and occupied.

Ilica 1 begins with a lecture performance in a cinema, mixing excerpts from the video collection with transcripts of interviews conducted with different video authors concerning approaches and desired outcomes to the moving images they produce. The lecture ties together a multi-threaded narrative using an oral story-telling format, a radio-play for the 21st century, introducing themes of homes and homelessness, the city as a mediated construct, the panorama and the relation of a symbolic economy to the built environment.

stills from YouTube videos

A bus tour follows where different residents, and producers of the are invited to give their own presentations, becoming guides to their own spaces and fields of expertise and bringing different discussions around urban development back into the city.

Commissioned for the Urban Festival, Zagreb, 2012.

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