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Interview in Neural Issue 37

Link to Neural

Issue #37, winter 2010
ISSN: 2037-108X

.Aram Bartholl
.Michelle Teran
.Christina Kubisch
.Julian Oliver
.Space Invader
.Mark Shepard
.Pierre-Laurent Cassiere
.Men in Grey

.Urban Hacking and Technology
.Hacking Public Space Chronology

.ISEA2010 Ruhr
.Belgian Media Art

.news: Panopticons, Global Safari (Powered by Google), Trail Blazers, This painting is not available in your country, Mechanical Games, Beethoven piano Sonata, no.1 – no.14, The Secret Sounds of Spores, Open Reel Ensemble, Fabricmachine. Wire_Less, The Fountainhead, Nadia, Enphonic Graphomania, Joiner, Phase = Order.

.books/dvds: J.K.Odin/Hypertext and the Female Imaginary, V. Mayer-Schonberger/Delete, J. Carr/Inside Cyber Warfare, ed. by N. Mullenger & A. Wolfsberger/Cultural Bloggers Interviewed, a film by L. Hershman L./Conceiving Ada, Ryoji Ikeda/Dataphonics, T. Burt/Colour Projections, F. Moth vs B. Sheppee/av8ion ep, J.-Y. Leloup/Digital Magma, S. Kim-Cohen/In the Blink of an Ear, F. Kittler/Optical Media, R. Catlow, M. Garrett, C. Morgana/Artists Re: Thinking Games, C. Salter/Entangled, D. Lopes/A Philosophy of Computer Art, curated by T. Aedo and K. Jasso/(ready) media..

.cd reviews: Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek, An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music, Vol. 6, Marcus Maeder, Mathias Delplanque, @C, Lowness, Jana Winderen, Philippe Petit & Friends, Roel Funcken, Richard Chartier, Tom Hamilton, Skiff++, Christophe Charles / i8u, Ignatz, Acoustic Bend, Clicksandcuts Five / Paradigm Shift, Gen Ken Montgomery, Bill Wells & Stefan Schneider, Brassier, Guionnet, Murayama, Mattin, Christian Galarreta.