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Challenging Space in the Era of Google Maps


presented with Mat Trivett of Trampoline for the Skopje Biennal 2009
September 3-12, 2009

The 6 hour workshop will present practical, participatory and theoretical examples of the way that the use of advanced location based technologies in cities has given rise to an emergent form of physical terrain that we call hybrid space. Finding them, mapping them and understanding the narrative – Michelle Teran And Trampoline’s Mat Trivett will weave together a mesh of ideas from the threads connecting hybrid spaces. Participants are invited to bring their digital devices.


During the workshop, Trampoline’s Mat Trivett introduced ‘Fusing Frames’, a location based story mapping project in Nottingham, England while Canadian artist Michelle Teran moved through different examples of her own practice exploring the hybrid space. The lectures were followed by a research of Skopje where participants were led on a hunt for local broadcasts tracked via YouTube and GoogleMap. A video was discovered of a burning building, located in the northern part of the city. The workshop participants took taxis towards a residential suburb where after questioning numerous people in the neighborhood were finally led to the building that had been on fire, the former children’s library and current site for the Red Cross.

Picture 1
video of a burning building on YouTube

Together with the taxi driver we try to find out our destination

Traveling towards the burning house

A woman from the area leads us to the building that had been burning, one year ago.