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Lieu de Passages

On Thursday 14 and Friday 15 May, Maastricht University, Hogeschool Zuyd and the Jan van Eyck Academy organize in cooperation with the Municipality of Maastricht a conference on ‘Maastricht – European Capital of Culture 2018’. The decision by the municipality to participate in this competition will generate a lively discussion on the role of culture in urban development, the different rationales for participating in this competition, the value of cultural policies, and the importance of re-imagining identities in an era of Europeanization and globalization.

The aim of the two-day conference Lieu de Passages? is to critically investigate the conditions of possibility for Maastricht to become European Capital of Culture. By inviting a diverse and international group of researchers, policy makers, cultural workers, artists and entrepreneurs at this early stage, the conference wants to actively contribute to shaping the direction this process takes.

Day 1 – Session ‘Urban Laboratories

As part of the first round of workshops of the conference, the Urban Laboratories session set out to explore questions of representation with regards to the new, new culture and experimentality. The three speakers, Marc Glaudemans, Pascal Gielen and Michelle Teran were introduced by Bas van Heur, post-doc at the Maastricht Virtual Knowledge Studio, Maastricht University. The three presentations were followed by short Q&A rounds.


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