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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Ars Electronica Prix


The results of Prix Ars Electronica 2010 have been announced.

Buscando al Sr. Goodbar has been awarded honorary mention in the category of Interactive Art.

Test_Lab: Urban Screen Savers


A screen is a powerful medium in an artist’s hands, and public space is an appealing domain for encounters between an artist and his or her audience. Urban screens can therefore be seen as an ideal tool for artistic public interventions as well as an exciting new exhibition format. Despite an ongoing increase in the number of digital urban screens in metropolitan spaces, their potential for artistic intervention and exhibition is however only seldom exploited.

CrossLab events: Urban Screensavers


Artist talk at the Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

Tracing Mobility: Cartography and Migration in Networked Space


Location-based and image-making technologies are creating new ways of looking at the city and have given rise to an emergent form of physical terrain called hybrid space. Canadian artist Michelle Teran will give an overview of her artistic projects which primarily focus on performances and interventions that bridge media with urban space. Within her projects the social and cultural conditions influencing the production of media also start to become visible.

Future Everything Festival


We live in a data driven environment. The huge datasets that are becoming available offer us a glimpse of the underlying complexity that our society is built upon. How do we interpret this information? And what are the ways that designers and artists are creating new ways of play and discourse in this space.

MRL Distinguished Speaker Series, Spring 2010


MRL announce the fifth in their monthly Lecture Series for 2009/2010, which aims to invite senior researchers in industry and academia to present their research the area of ubiquitous computing and identify areas for collaboration.