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Monthly Archives: March 2009

PVN – Jardin de Saint-Roch


During the Mois Multi Festival, Parasitic Video Network was installed throughout the Jardin de Saint-Roch in Quebec City, Canada.

PVN – Stadtcenter Rolletreppe


Parasitic Video Network – live video installation with a shopping mall.Parastic Video Network was curated into the ‘Escalators’ programme, a series of interventions by media artists and choreographers on the theme of movement and control in public space within the Theater der Welt Festival.

PVN – Electrum House


Parasitic Video Network was installed in an office building called the Electrum House, located in Kista, a suburb in the most northern district in Stockholm. The suburb contains a large concentration of around 2,000 ICT (Information and Communications Technology) companies and known as one of the worlds most important ICT-clusters, or ‘Sweden’s Silicon Valley.