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Temporary Laboratory Exhibition


Gallery KIT, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU, March 12 – 25, 2018.Opening: March 16th @ 19.00Website: About: The exhibition THE TEMPORARY LABORATORY at Gallery KIT, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU, presents the Temporary Library of Norwegian Media Art. The Temporary Library of Norwegian Media Art collects the most comprehensive knowledge and documentation of […]

Nothing to Hide? Art, Surveillance, and Privacy


Nothing to Hide? Art, Surveillance, and Privacy, is a multidisciplinary exhibition of visual art, public art, film, public discussions, performance, interactivity and spoken word, all exploring the prevalence of surveillance and its impact on the way we lead our lives.

Real Art Ways
56 Arbor Street
Hartford, CT 06106

Future Guides for Cities: From Information to Home


“Future Guides: From Information to Home” is an artistic research project on following: how to practice and theorize following. It was carried out between 2010-2014 within the Norwegian Artistic Fellowship Programme and around the Bergen Academy of Art and Design. A final exhibition of my artistic research, “Your Revolution Begins at Home“, took place at the USF Gallery and Cinemateket in Bergen, September 4-14, 2014. “Confessions of an Online Stalker“, a critical reflection text on artistic results of the research, was submitted in 2015.

Link to Critical reflection

The study outlines the emergence of an artistic research method combining data mining, systems for mapping, storytelling, and translation and its application in the fields of media art, microhistory, and activism. The development of artistic works (several books, text, film, installation and public performance) become the aesthetic results of conversations, negotiations and reflections around the proceeding questions: How are tracking, guiding, following and stalking used as artistic research methods? What role does image production play in everyday life and how does it create tension between the public and private experience? How can strategies of translation provide the critical tools for experimenting with shifts between context, subjectivity and scale?

This artistic research reflects on a contemporary condition in which personal and social archives constitute a new type of city guide that challenges the official representations of cities online. It reflects on the phenomenon of documenting and sharing one’s urban life to the world online, an act reflective of a culture of making oneself and one’s life visible thus, present in online social networks. The work focuses on the micro or working on case studies, whereby the studying and following of trails of data produced by different individuals and seeing where it leads is a process of trying to establish where one “is” from other people’s data. However, the effort of pinning down a location is not merely to focus in a machinic system of (geo)precision on the place where one might be standing but to recognize the people who occupy (or have occupied) that place in the city. It is a method of online tracking which leads to spatial tracking, from which a narrative language emerges. The question is implicitly addressed: to what extent urban media art can help us to locate ourselves in the mediated city by offering to trace and reveal the connections between places, people, and digital culture. But what if the connections reveal a city in crisis? The research leads to a flight to Madrid and ends up in the homes of evicted families, where anti-eviction activists use digital information to locate and make public the everyday effects of crisis. In the foreground of the crisis is the crisis of the home. It is there that we encounter sites of political struggle, the act of making oneself and one’s life visible becoming a strategy for collective empowerment.

CRIC (criticism – reaction – idea – confrontation) festival for critical culture


Date: 18.11 – 03.12.2016
Locations: Cinematheque of Macedonia, The National Gallery of Macedonia “Cifte Amam” in Skopje

The thematic program of CRIC is created with the goal to stimulate critical debate in the public sphere, a crucial component in the promotion of the socio-cultural capital being a core deeply ingrained within the most relevant political and societal themes: human rights, the right to culture, identity issues, violence in the public sphere through the political and economical apparatus, as well as strengthening of communities through cultural and artistic practices.

Exhibition “Archives of violence”
Participating artists: Sonya Schönberger, Michelle Teran, Hristina Ivanoska, Gjorgje Jovanovic, Memory of the world (Tomislav Medak & Marcell Mars), Zeyno Pekünlü.
Curator Archives of Violence: Elena Veljanovska

Exhibition “From Diaspora to Diversities”
Participating artists: Ivana Ivkovic, Rajko Radovanovic, Mladen Bundalo, Neli Ruzic, Nada Prlja, diSTRUKTURA
Curators From Diaspora to Diversities: Miroslav Karic, Janka Vukmir

The Age of Catastrophe


Video Pool Media Arts Centre & Actual Contemporary present

The Age of Catastrophe

13 November – 12 December 2015

at Actual Contemporary/ 300 Ross Avenue

Michelle Teran – Your Revolution begins at Home


This exhibition presents the artistic results of Michelle Teran’s research project Future Guides: From Information to Home, carried out within the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

Exhibition at Galleri s12: 17 Cities – Michelle Teran


Galleri s12 og BEK viser videokunst i vinduene til Galleri s12 i januar 2013. Utstillingen er kuratert av Terese Longva (s12) og Anne Marthe Dyvi (BEK). Sted: Galleri s12, Sparebankgaten 4, BergenFra: January 02, 2013 16:00 til: January 27, 2013 17:00 Link to website The first exhibiting artist is Michelle Teran with her work, 17 […]

Net.Specific: Communication Paths at Centre for Contemporary Art, Roskilde


Visit the project site here Link to museum site here Location: Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde Dates: 26/10/2012 – 25/10/2013 Artists in the exhibition: 0100101110101101.ORG / Eva & Franco Mattes (I), JODI (B/NL), Michelle Teran (CA), Jens Wunderling & Philipp Bosch (DE) and Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Ørum (DK).

TEA Collective Wisdom


Location: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, TaichungDates: 13.10 – 23.12.2012Exhibiting Artists: Amy Hoy (U.S.A), Thomas Fuchs(Austria), Ars Electronica Futurelab (Austria), Christopher Baker( U.S.A.), SENSEable City Lab (U.S.A.), Michelle Teran(Canada), Aaron Koblin (U.S.A.), João Henrique Wilbert (Brazil), Nova Jiang (New Zealand), Peter Edmunds ( Australia) Scott Draves (U.S.A.), Egret Culture and Education Foundation (Taiwan) Alessandro […]

Urban Takes Helsinki presented at Media Façades Festival in Helsinki


Media Facades Festival Helsinki 2012, August 23-26, 2012 is an international festival to present media and electronic art projects in public space. The festival focuses on artistic interventions which open up the spatial and social experience of the city, by an innovative use of the visual, interactive and participatory potentials of media and architecture. The […]