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Category Archives: Object

Parasitic Video Interceptor (aka The Spy)


The Parasitic Video Interceptor (aka The Spy) is portable device that captures and records live feeds from wireless surveillance cameras and augments them with a live sound scape consisting of live and pre-recorded audio that is generated by the visitors movement through an architectural space.

Peek-a-Boo Cantenna


The Peek-a-Boo Cantenna is a performance object for locating and viewing video. Constructed out found materials, such as aluminum pipe and drawer handles, it is a functioning 2.4 Ghz antenna connected to a video scanner that allows one to intercept wireless video and audio transmissions, which are viewable on a LCD monitor installed inside the object.

Black Leather Projector Purse


Black Leather Projector Purse is a modified ladies purse with handheld projector connected to battery that allows you to walk through the city and project on its surfaces.