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Category Archives: Telepresence/Web

The City is Creative


People meet in different ways now, even in the strangest of manners. Imagine flying over a city and witnessing all the things that are taking place there. Connect to Google Earth and find Eindhoven, a small city in the Netherlands. As you get closer, a number of YouTube videos appear on top of the city. Did you know about the man that juggles? That there is a flying saucer in a park? A young couple are moving into their new apartment? The people who like to dance tango or the person who is an aspiring singer? People broadcast their experiences. What if somebody tried to contact them back?

Buscando al Sr. Goodbar


“Buscando Al Sr. Goodbar” is a journey through Murcia, Spain that involves a search for the locations and authors of various YouTube videos produced in the city. If the longitude and latitude coordinates are included with a video when publishing it on YouTube, then this video automatically appears on a GoogleEarth map and connects it to a physical location. A bus tour was organized by Michelle Teran, who visited Murcia repeatedly via GoogleEarth and started to get to know intimately some of the people living there through the YouTube videos they produced.

A20 Recall


A collective act of recall is enacted to understand the psychological effects of the militarization of a city. Done through the act of walking and with the residents of Quebec City.

LiveForm: Telekinetics (LF:TK)


LF:TK is an artistic proposition for a reimagination of networked reality. The events are not meant as entertainment for an audience, but as experimental and collaborative acts of creativity, research and development of new social forms, and interventions in public space.



Interfacing/Radiotopia/KeyWorx consists of one space that has no images and has only sound, and one space that has no sound and only images. They are connected both physically and via the Internet.



Our social environment is becoming more of a composition of images and objects and less a complex of spatial configurations and architecture. Flatlandia uses a taxonomic approach for finding and naming examples of ‘image spaces’ in cities. The documentation is being collected, organized and linked together within a searchable database system. Location, point of view, author, image type, and contents of the image are some properties used to create associations between the material. The visual information is then used to generate hypothetical actions, recipes or ‘codes’ for ways to ‘play’ the city.



AFK, short for ‘Away from Keyboard’ is part of a vocabulary of abbreviated messages commonly used during online chats and cellular phone exchanges. In 2002, Michelle Teran and Isabelle Jenniches, then living in different cities, started ‘texting’ each other by constructing (SMS) messages out of found materials in front of public webcams on beaches around Southern California and throughout the city of Toronto.

The Playgirls


site-specific performance and installation in collaboration with Amanda Ramos Link to project website

Hot Wired Live Art 2 – Airwaves


A live worklab project used to devise networked environments through the process of collective experimentation. HWLA2-Airwaves was a co-production with the Banff New Media Institute (BNMI), Banff, Canada.

Looking Forward See You Soon!


10 online connected event

local and remote participants from Amsterdam, Oslo, Trondheim, San Francisco, Toronto Bergen and Berlin