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Artistic Research will Eat Itself Conference

16-Jun-19 Michelle Teran, together with Frans Jacobi (KMD, Bergen) will lead “perception crisis machine conglomerate”, a workshop which explores the machinic methods of the ongoing artistic research SYNSMASKINEN. (

Reclaiming Workshop


public intervention, 2016

The Reclaiming Workshop is an exchange of models and strategies on the relations between places, materials and performative actions that are produced in the context of reclaiming.

Link to event page

The workshop was initially developed for the Neighborhood Academy program of 2016, which focused on forms of collective learning. It took place with the participation of various grassroots initiatives and affinity groups operating with Berlin, connected by the fight for the right to the city, and strategies for reclaiming. The Reclaiming Workshop took place in “Die Laube,” a three-story experimental “treehouse” providing a space for self-organized, community-oriented and future-oriented learning, located in the Prinzessinnengarten, a community garden located around Moritzplatz, Kreuzberg. We officially launched the event by hanging protest banners used by each of the participating groups on the façade of “Die Laube,” thereby designating it as a space for collective learning.

Transmedia y Memoria: Cruces entre Espacios y Medios


what: 10 day workshop on transmedia storytelling by Canadian artist Michelle Teran
dates: August 11-21, 2015
location: Vivelab, Bogota, Colombia
partners: La Cinemateca Distrital-Gerencia Audiovisuales del IDARTES, la Alta Consejeria de las TIC, el Centro de Memoria Paz y Reconciliación y Vivelab

link to the project website

Guest lecture and workshop: Michelle Teran “To track, to guide, to stalk”


This workshop proposes to critically examine tracking, guiding and stalking as artistic methods, by looking at approaches within data mining and microhistory.

Data is Political Seminar


A symposium on art, design, and the politics of information. Designers, artists, scientists discuss the aesthetic, ethical and spatial dimensions of information and its relation to power, the production of knowledge, and construction of urban spaces.

Lecture Performance seminar at Bergen Academy of Art and Design


     Location: Bergen Academy of Art and Design Date: 05-06.03.2012 Instructor: Michelle Teran with guest lecturer Vanessa Ramos-Velasquez Link to seminar page on academy website. The lecture performance works at the interface between lecturing and performing, providing a mediation between art and knowledge and combining research, visual art and performative storytelling methods. This two […]

Performance, Networks and Urban Space workshop


Join the world of new media, technology, performance and other strange things. As an artist from 2012 we want to give you the possibility to combine bits and bytes to your artistic world. For three days you can come to Maastricht join the workshop of Michelle Teran.

Forum: Hito Steyerl in conversation with Tone Hansen


Hito Steyerl in conversation with Tone Hansen

The event is organised by Ellen Røed and Michelle Teran – both research fellows at Bergen National Academy of the Arts and working within Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme – in collaboration with Hordaland Art Centre.

New Geographies Workshop


workshop 23-27 November, 2010 Presented at the Cultural Center CK in Skopje, Macedonia. The workshop is organized by NGO Kontrapunkt and Line I+M and supported by the Geothe Institute, Skopje and the Robert Bosch foundation. Curated by Elena Veljanovsk…

We are Here: perception, experience, movement, production


We are Here: perception, experience, movement, production was a two week interdisciplinary workshop that explored artistic approaches to geography and cartography.

Developed for the students at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts (KHIB), Bergen