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Urban Takes Helsinki


Urban Takes Helsinki, a new project by Michelle Teran, looks at personal stories and different perspectives of Helsinki as depicted through online video. The project is created in collaboration with seven amateur videomakers living in the city who post their videos on YouTube.



The project ‘Folgen’ looks at the publication of personal archives and the tension between the public and private experience. This is explored by the personal experience of what it is like to follow somebody, first by monitoring the videos people put online, then following this information to actual physical addresses within the city where these videos were produced. Staged as a performance and installation, Folgen draws on the existing narratives of amateur video makers found on YouTube to build a multi-layered media landscape of Berlin.

The City is Creative


People meet in different ways now, even in the strangest of manners. Imagine flying over a city and witnessing all the things that are taking place there. Connect to Google Earth and find Eindhoven, a small city in the Netherlands. As you get closer, a number of YouTube videos appear on top of the city. Did you know about the man that juggles? That there is a flying saucer in a park? A young couple are moving into their new apartment? The people who like to dance tango or the person who is an aspiring singer? People broadcast their experiences. What if somebody tried to contact them back?

PVN – Jardin de Saint-Roch


During the Mois Multi Festival, Parasitic Video Network was installed throughout the Jardin de Saint-Roch in Quebec City, Canada.

PVN – Stadtcenter Rolletreppe


Parasitic Video Network – live video installation with a shopping mall.Parastic Video Network was curated into the ‘Escalators’ programme, a series of interventions by media artists and choreographers on the theme of movement and control in public space within the Theater der Welt Festival.

PVN – Electrum House


Parasitic Video Network was installed in an office building called the Electrum House, located in Kista, a suburb in the most northern district in Stockholm. The suburb contains a large concentration of around 2,000 ICT (Information and Communications Technology) companies and known as one of the worlds most important ICT-clusters, or ‘Sweden’s Silicon Valley.

Parasitic Video Network


Parasitic Video Network, overlaid upon an architectural space such as an office building, shopping mall or park, is a live video installation of 25 low-range wireless video security cameras, that temporarily transforms an everyday space simultaneously into a gaming environment and live film set to be explored by moving through it.

Exploration #5


Exploration #5 is a look into the daily activities of an office building environment and how role, function and personal history direct different people’s movements and engagements with these spaces.

LiveForm: Telekinetics (LF:TK)


LF:TK is an artistic proposition for a reimagination of networked reality. The events are not meant as entertainment for an audience, but as experimental and collaborative acts of creativity, research and development of new social forms, and interventions in public space.



A series of public interventions took place at different locations throughout the city of Toronto.

Business owners within selected city areas were asked to participate by allowing me to take over the televisions located on their premises, replacing broadcasts from CNN, MTV and ESPN with live video images from the street.