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Category Archives: Projection

Friluftskino: Experiments in Open Air Surveillance Cinema


A series of urban interventions throughout the city of Oslo. The city of Oslo provides the source and the projection surface for an open-air urban cinema.

Project for a City. Girona


A proposal for illuminating the interiors and daily actions of everyday Girona. Live and recorded videos of the city’s interiors are projected back onto building façades along the River Onyar.

17 Cities


Wireless surveillance video, transmitting from offices, streets, stores and homes, was intercepted walking through different city streets while carrying a commercial model video scanner.

An animated selection from this archive, separated over three screens, cycles through scenes from Brussels, Berlin, Chicago, Seoul, Barcelona, Montreal, and other cities throughout Europe and North America. Moving from the commercial space to the street, to the home, the bed, to the televisual (television wirelessly distributed between rooms in homes can also be intercepted), and finally moving back out into the urban nightlife, parallel stories start appear, and cities start to merge into a meta-narrative of contemporary urbanity as depicted through the eyes of the surveillance camera.

Black Leather Projector Purse


Black Leather Projector Purse is a modified ladies purse with handheld projector connected to battery that allows you to walk through the city and project on its surfaces.



A live video mixing performance where the elements of a video jam are deconstructed and then reassembled. The audience participates in the performative action.